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    Managed IT

    Your technology environment must run smoothly! That’s where we come in.

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    Cloud Services

    The Cloud can hold your backup, email, and even your entire infrastructure. How much should you keep up there?

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    Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Downtime loses money…fast. How quickly can you be back in business after a data loss?

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    Are you at risk? You need your data to be secure for your business to grow and prosper.


“The PC maintenance, server maintenance and network management is irreplaceable. ”

Jim L. | Fargo, ND


“I am very thankful to you all as a company. You are all extraordinarily helpful in every sense of the word. We are very pleased with your service and response time. ”

Andrew T. | Blaine, MN


“Netrix takes responsibility for our IT environment, supports our business proactively on a day-to-day basis and consults with us on projects and Vendor Management. Netrix is a strong organization that has worked side by side with my team to implement solutions to maximize our technology investment.”

Steven J. | Minneapolis, MN