2016: A Year of Focus for Netrix

2015 was a Year of Change for Netrix IT

Last year, Netrix IT made some revolutionary changes that have propelled our growth. We became more accountable, embraced new forms of business, created a real-time dashboard to keep us on top of critical issues and reorganized our approach to security in such a way that opens up new market segments that require the best we have to offer.

Looking forward, we asked what 2016 would hold for us. More importantly, what did we need to bring to 2016 that would have us be prepared for whatever happened?

In 2016 it’s all about FOCUS

Our focus for 2016 is precisely that: Focus. With the changes we embraced in 2015, we realized that we need to focus – or Follow One Course Until Successful. We have embraced our new structure with Traction, along with the disciplines that come with it. We believe we need to run with this new structure for a period of time, growing stronger in it.

green chalk board success plan vision success

Why is focus such a driving factor for us?

As a company that embraces Traction as an Entrepreneurial Operating System, one of the driving tenants is Process. We are currently documenting our core processes and communicating them throughout the company. But merely having things written down does not mean anything. For processes to be effective, they must be Followed by All. This is where Focus plays an important part. As a company we will follow our processes – this is our “One Course” for the year.

We believe that by following our processes, we will be more effective for our clients with faster ticket closes, better project management and stronger client communication. This makes for happier clients and employees.

What does this mean for us?

If you are going to “follow one course until successful” then you had better start out by making sure that is the best course to follow. So to begin this has required us to take a long look at how we do business and review not just what we do for our clients, but to identify and document the best way to do them. For example, when we take on a new client, we want to follow the best practices for doing that. We want every new client engagement to be as smooth as possible. And to do that, we needed to think about what made for great client experiences for every function of our company.

The second thing this means for us is that we need to hold each other accountable to stick to our processes. Like any profession, to excel, you need to be disciplined and stick to your processes. This is not comfortable at first because it is new. But with FOCUS, we know that doing the right thing over and over again is the right thing for our team and our clients. This means we have to hold each other accountable as a team, being willing to call each other out when processes are not followed.

Where will this take Netrix in 2016?

As a company we have the structure and tools to be amazing. We need to continue in this by working as a team to be more disciplined in using these new tools and embracing our structure as we move from success to success.  So what is your roadmap for success in 2016?