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5 Qualities to Look for in Your IT Support Technician

Like any industry, a variety of professionals with different philosophies makes up the IT field. Some are more driven, while others are in over their heads. But every good IT Support Technician shares many of the same qualities. Here are five qualities to look for before you hire your next technician:

The Best IT Support Technicians Pay Attention to Detail

Ever hired someone for a job you felt didn’t listen to your take on a problem? The best IT support technicians never assume you have no clue about your company and its network. They ask questions before taking any steps.

If they discover problems are deeper than first thought, they won’t ignore them, take your money, and run. They’ll empower you with knowledge and offer reasonable solutions.

Time Should Matter to Your Technician

An excellent IT support technician always has your productivity in mind first. It doesn’t matter how good their solutions are if your company is experiencing prolonged setbacks because its technology is down.

Beyond timely fixes, the best technicians also look for ways to increase your company’s productivity.

Your Technician Should Be Knowledgeable

Unless you’ve found the money tree, your business can’t afford to hire someone who thinks they know how to get the job done. The first technical support technician you hire shouldn’t be followed by another two weeks later cleaning up their mess.

The best IT support technicians don’t take risks on the field, they apply their knowledge and propose real solutions, not educated guesses.

Your Technician Should Have Patience

Technology is hard to understand at times. Professional technicians should also have excellent customer service skills. If a client has difficulty grasping IT Jargon or procedures, the best professionals can hear clients out and explain everything in detail.

If your technician isn’t willing to explain the benefits of a service they provide, how do you even know you actually need the work done?

Integrity Should Be Your Technician’s Greatest Asset

Every industry has a bad egg or two. Some IT support technicians want to make a buck fast and leave. Others try to find ways to nickel and dime you at every corner. The best guarantee their work and provide solutions that will make you money, not waste it.

Netrix IT believes everything boils down to integrity in the end. We are in business to add value to the global community, not take what we can at our clients’ expenses. If you need IT work done or are looking to increase your company’s productivity, give us a call. We stand by our work.

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