Web Developer Seeks Confidence in Their Managed IT Solution

About BNG:

BNG is a technology based company in Fargo, North Dakota. BNG was founded in 2007 and seeks to be a leading payment solutions vendor. In 2015 they were on the INC 5000 fastest growing businesses and were the second fastest growing company in North Dakota. They see two primary ways to help their clients:

1. Implement automation technologies
2. Integrate technology solutions together into a unified whole

An example of this is ConnectBooster. They saw the need to make Accounts Receivable more efficient and so they integrated their CRM, Accounting Software and their Payment Gateway into one system. When this was done, they were able to automate their own payment processing. This reduced their AR, made things easier for their clients to pay their bills, and kept clear documentation for everyone. Once perfected, they began selling this solution to their clients!

Their Previous Vendor:

As a technology company, BNG wanted an IT vendor to bring them solutions and address problems before BNG was aware of them. BNG thought of their previous vendor as nice people with good intentions, but lacking in a few key areas: poor at communicating and reactive to technological problems. In some instances, their vendor wasn’t sure if their backup was running and they were unable to solve mission critical problems.

For instance, BNG’s VOIP server became very slow and led to many dropped calls and poor call quality so that the team couldn’t use the phone consistently. This lack of productivity proved a recurring financial struggle as this problem took over six months to resolve. BNG felt like their vendor did not take the problem seriously.

Why BNG chose Netrix IT:

It was really hard to identify who best aligned with BNG’s business values and mission so they talked to a lot of IT vendors and even clients of other IT vendors to see who they should go with. As a technology company, they had a lot of relationships in the managed IT space, including with Netrix IT’s Director of Technology and Security, Nick Olerud. Because they knew so many vendors, they wanted to be very confident in their choice.

Ultimately, BNG chose Netrix IT for three reasons:

1. The level of trust with Netrix IT was proved when Nick told BNG that they probably weren’t an ideal fit for Netrix as a client. That proved to BNG that they wouldn’t just be viewed as a source of money and showed the level of honest and commitment to ethics that Netrix displayed.
2. A friend of BNG told them, “The one company I consistently hear good things about and nothing negative about is Netrix IT.”
3. The level of communication Netrix IT displayed in saying what they were doing, what was going on, what the causes of things might be put them above and beyond other vendors in the process. Due to this, they now have confidence that their backup system is working.

What would they tell others about Netrix IT?

Having Netrix IT manage BNG’s IT has given BNG a level of confidence that they don’t worry about the state of their IT. They know Netrix is aggressively proactive and takes care of things before BNG is even aware of them. Tyler Buechler said, “Before we were with Netrix, we didn’t have confidence in our own systems and that our own systems were even backed up. Now we have peace of mind and can focus on growing our business.”