2016: A Year of Focus for Netrix

2015 was a Year of Change for Netrix IT Last year, Netrix IT…

2015 Netrix IT Year in Review: Pivot and Accelerate

2015 has been an interesting year at Netrix. We have grown significantly, but also improved our game and worked hard to elevate ourselves not just inside our business, but inside our industry as well. As the calendar turns to 2016, we look forward to new challenges and opportunities for us to pivot in a changing industry, and accelerate our growth to establish ourselves as the premier Managed Services Partner in the upper Midwest.

Generation X and Technology

As a Gen-Xer, I look for the evolution of computers to continue to solve my problems and make my life easier by becoming more and more interactive. My Fitbit cheers me on when I take enough steps, my smart phone wakes me up and lets me know what I need to do next. I expect my next car to drive itself so I can use that time in the way I choose. More than convenience, I want technology to improve my life, make me healthier, smarter, live longer and to not have to deal with tasks that I would rather delegate to an uncomplaining robot.