Best Cloud Service

Break Up with Business Constraints with the Best Cloud Service

Since Valentine's is the time when people re-evaluate their personal relationships, let's talk about it's time to re-evaluate your business with the Cloud.
two IT Support Technicians investigate a server

5 Qualities to Look for in Your IT Support Technician

Every good IT Support Technician shares many of the same qualities. Here are five qualities to look for before you hire your next technician.
multiple people on a variety of connected devices

How the Internet of Things is Changing the Cyber Security Landscape

Think new technology is foolproof to hackers and by constantly updating that your data is safe? Cyber security is not that simple anymore.
disaster recovery tips Black Friday

3 Disaster Recovery Tips to Survive Black Friday

Black Friday is near, meaning shoppers will be out and about trying to get in those last-minute deals. Here are three disaster recovery tips to help you stay prepared.
Netrix IT office

The Netrix IT SOC 2 Success Story

We recently saved an insurance provider millions of dollars because of our SOC 2 compliance skills. Read on to see how everyone benefited.
Various technology concepts coming out of a guy's hands

What IT Means to Transition

Is technology slowing business? Taking focus away from what matters? Read on to learn about the transition towards managed services that you need to make.

2016: A Year of Focus for Netrix

2015 was a Year of Change for Netrix IT Last year, Netrix IT…

2015 Netrix IT Year in Review: Pivot and Accelerate

2015 has been an interesting year at Netrix. We have grown significantly, but also improved our game and worked hard to elevate ourselves not just inside our business, but inside our industry as well. As the calendar turns to 2016, we look forward to new challenges and opportunities for us to pivot in a changing industry, and accelerate our growth to establish ourselves as the premier Managed Services Partner in the upper Midwest.

Why Do You Need a vCIO?

At Netrix IT, we work to augment every one of our client offerings with a vCIO. Someone has to have an overall vision for each of our clients, and we take responsibility for that. This might not seem obvious when it comes to day to day interactions with our team. However, the vCIO role drives the growth of your technology team, coordinates training around existing and anticipated technology needs and manages the overall technology spend for your company.

Stupid and Evil

Where we step in is encouraging our clients to be aware of their own vulnerabilities and the knowledge that sometimes they take risks without intention. At Netrix IT, we believe that technology should drive your business. By automating, simplifying and accelerating what you do, your business can take off beyond your wildest dreams. However, there is a corollary: Technology can be your greatest point of risk.