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How the Internet of Things is Changing the Cyber Security Landscape

Think new technology is foolproof to hackers and by constantly updating that your data is safe? Cyber security is not that simple anymore.

2015 Netrix IT Year in Review: Pivot and Accelerate

2015 has been an interesting year at Netrix. We have grown significantly, but also improved our game and worked hard to elevate ourselves not just inside our business, but inside our industry as well. As the calendar turns to 2016, we look forward to new challenges and opportunities for us to pivot in a changing industry, and accelerate our growth to establish ourselves as the premier Managed Services Partner in the upper Midwest.

Stupid and Evil

Where we step in is encouraging our clients to be aware of their own vulnerabilities and the knowledge that sometimes they take risks without intention. At Netrix IT, we believe that technology should drive your business. By automating, simplifying and accelerating what you do, your business can take off beyond your wildest dreams. However, there is a corollary: Technology can be your greatest point of risk.

Computer Safety: In Public, At Work, When Travelling

We have all connected to Wi-Fi at one point or another in a public place. Some of us are more tech-savvy than others, but it is important for everyone to be reminded of how to proceed in a safe manner. Did you know it’s possible for a hacker to set up a network called “Free Wi-Fi” or by using the name of the coffee shop/grocery store etc… to give you a false sense of security while connecting?

Cyber Crime: How You Can Prevent It!

How can you avoid becoming a victim of Cyber Crime? Here are some excellent tips on how to be safer in your online interactions.

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