Frequently Asked Questions

Client Questions
1. I need help!
There are several ways to reach the support team at Netrix IT. The first is to click on the X-Man icon on your desktop which is labeled “Netrix IT Client Portal.” Another is to call our Technical Assistance Center at 651.389.3310 or 701.298.0175. Otherwise, you may email us at

Research Questions
1. I want to know what a term refers to.
Please check our Terminology Page for a general dictionary of words that are either common in our industry or to us specifically.

2. What are “Managed Services”?
Managed Services refers to the control, maintenance and evolution of your IT needs inside a company. Companies will often outsource some or all of their managed services to a company like Netrix IT to make sure they are consistently getting best practices for their company’s IT needs.

3. Where is your help desk located?
Our help desk has two locations that we refer to as our Technical Assistance Centers (TAC). They are located in Fargo, North Dakota and Eagan, Minnesota.

4. Do you charge by device or by user?
We have several levels of service that are all based on the number of devices. This does not include phones, which are covered differently under our SNMP services.

5. Can you handle companies with more than one location or remote users?
Absolutely. Many of our clients have multiple locations and remote users. We have the ability to take care of our clients no matter where they are located.

6.What if I already have an IT department?
Netrix IT leads the way in “Co-Managed” services. We work with existing IT staff to provide tools such as ticketing, remote management and Cloud services to help your team drive your business. 

General Questions:
1. I see you have offices in Fargo and Eagan. Who do I call?
Call the office closest to you, or if you don’t know which one that would be, please call us toll-free at 877.638.7492 (877.NETRIX2) and we will gladly assist you.