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How the Internet of Things is Changing the Cyber Security Landscape

Think new technology is foolproof to hackers and by constantly updating that your data is safe? Cyber security is not that simple anymore.

In an age where not only computers are connected to the Internet, but automobiles and even children’s toys link to the web, there have never been more holes in your cyber security, and, consequently, pathways to your valuable information.

All Things Internet

While the term Internet of Things (IoT) was coined well before the 21st century, it is a new concept to many because of the rapid evolution of web-based technology over the past few years. The term is as simple as it sounds, the Internet isn’t exclusive to traditional computers anymore. Instead, it is a network of interconnected things, including smart or connected devices.

Identifying an “internet thing” is easy to miss at first. After all, the Internet penetrates every corner of human life, from work to home. This phenomenon is attributable to desensitization.

Think of the last few pieces of technology you bought either for work or personal use. Make a list and separate your devices into two categories, including those that connect to the web and don’t. Once complete, change the connect category to “possible gateways to my data and technology.”

Can I Buy Anything without Considering Security Anymore?

If it connects to the web, then the simple answer is no. Ready for a chilling scenario?

Your business isn’t safe if you have the best security on your 2016 Macs, but haven’t thought about your $10,000 smart refrigerator. It shares a connection to the same Internet as your in-house server.

Now, this doesn’t mean your refrigerator spells doom for your company.

If hacked, your refrigerator might present a dead-end to your server storing proprietary data; however, malicious hackers could raise the unit’s temperature and spoil everything inside. Lukewarm milk might make for a bad day at the office but doesn’t mean quarterly revenues will suffer under the weight of a high-profile security breach.

But what if your company is in the foodservice industry and its profits rely directly on refrigerators working properly?

While the IoT might feel like an ever-increasing, impossible cyber security problem for your business, there’s no need to be paranoid every time you add a connected device to your network.

Let Managed Service Providers Handle Your Cyber Security

The number of things tapping into the Internet isn’t slowing down, but those looking to combat hackers aren’t slowing down either. Knowledge is power. The best Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have teams not only educating themselves on how to protect against hacks but watching their clients 24/7 to maintain the best cyber security possible.

While no perfect cyber security measures exist – especially at the rate the IoT is growing – a company without an MSP is gambling on the fact that no one cares enough about their existence to hack them. But luck runs slimmer the larger your business grows.

Don’t leave your cyber security to fate. It could be the difference of your landlord installing a smart thermostat or an employee’s child bringing a gaming device.

Still paranoid about your leftovers in the fridge? Let our team at Netrix IT ease your mind so you can get back to business.

Secure your things.

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