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Managed services provider delivers more advanced security protection to clients while reducing time spent on troubleshooting security issues


The Challenge

Netrix Information Technologies, Inc. (Netrix IT), a managed services provider (MSP) offering a range of IT services, has always ranked data security as a top priority when
serving clients. As cyber attacks have grown more sophisticated, Netrix IT discovered that its prior security solution, VIPRE, was no longer up to the task of repelling these threats.
When ransomware and other malicious threats infected client sites, Netrix IT needed to spend several hours, or even days, reimaging systems and restoring data backups. Plus,
Netrix IT found the VIPRE management interface clunky and difficult to use.

“We evaluated security solutions from Bitdefender, ESET, Webroot, and Malwarebytes,” recalls Netrix IT President Mike Blom. “We chose Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSPs
because it had the best record of consistently stopping ransomware and other threats in their tracks. We also liked Bitdefender’s flexibility to customize settings to our clients’
security requirements and the ease of managing via the cloud console.”

The Solution

Today, Netrix IT depends on Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSPs to protect 3,100 endpoints at 74 sites for 50 clients. Endpoints typically include Windows PCs and servers
that often are virtualized with VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V.  As an MSP, Netrix IT installs Bitdefender when on-boarding new clients or new projects for
existing clients. Fortunately, this process has been a breeze.

“We’ve set up Bitdefender so it handles installation at our client sites like a fire and forget missile,” says Michael Ziskovsky, Field Engineer, Netrix IT. “It’s really easy. We recently
installed it at 50 endpoints for a client and within six hours everyone was connected and reporting into us.

“Bitdefender does a great of job uninstalling some of the most stubborn security software.  It just eats them up, spits them right out, and goes straight to installation.”

The Results

Since installing Bitdefender, there only has been one close call with ransomware, when someone at a client site brought an infected device on premises.
“When the ransomware tried to spread to other connected devices, Bitdefender isolated it on the original device and shut it down. That is about as close as we got to a breach,”
Ziskovsky recalls.

In addition, Netrix IT estimates the number of malware infections and security incidents has dropped 75 percent, from one per month to one every three months.
As a result, time devoted to security administration and troubleshooting decreased from at least 10 hours to one hour, on average, per week. Netrix IT estimates these time
savings translate into an annual reduction of $58,500 in IT operational costs.

“Instead of putting out fires, we’re now proactive by making sure our firewalls and policies are up to date with the latest cyber threats,” Ziskovsky says. “Even non-security
related projects, such as server migrations, deployments, updates, and hardware installations, go more smoothly. I can always check the latest scan to make sure
everything is clean before making any changes.”

The quality of Bitdefender service and support also has been positive, notes Ziskovsky. “I’ve opened support tickets only twice in two years. Both times Bitdefender support
was helpful and quick to respond.” With Bitdefender’s ability to customize settings and provide detailed reporting, Netrix IT  can show clients that their data and infrastructure are secure and protected.

“When our clients entrust their infrastructure to us, they want to know the security underpinning our IT services is rock solid,” Blom says. “With Bitdefender and our long-term
commitment to security, we’re able to provide them with that assurance. That’s good for their business and it’s good for ours.”