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The Netrix IT SOC 2 Success Story

Maintaining compliance is no joke. If you are non-compliant, the damage that can ensue is incredibly difficult to come back from. You could lose the trust of your clients and majorly harm your business. Some compliance violations can even take you to jail from the first offense!

That’s why you need an MSP that really understands compliances to protect you. At Netrix IT, we have this category under control. We’re considered one of the top MSPs in the Midwest for good reason, and our knowledge has brought us valuable business. Check out how our stellar reputation with SOC 2 Type 1 raked in success.

How we saved a company millions, and how it helped our business

We recently had a major insurance provider come to us because they had millions of dollars in policies at risk. Their IT department didn’t have adequate SOC 2 compliance services, and they were about to pay for that. When they came to us, however, we turned that around. We were able to guarantee them security policies and procedures that would resolve all of their previous worries. If they hadn’t come to us, it would have taken them more than a year to meet the SOC 2 requirements! You can read the full article here.

Maintaining compliance is so important, in fact, that almost half of our business is driven by our SOC 2 compliance. This service has become a critical aspect of our security managed services, driving sales up to triple-digit rates!

Our client base has also widened immensely because of this service. After we saved that insurance provider, larger enterprises and community banks started turning to us to make sure they have the procedures and policies necessary to protect them from the next big data breach. As Nick Olerud, our director of technology and security states, “We are supplementing internal IT strategically by injecting our security processes and even interviewing IT staff for them to hire.”

How important it is for us to go above and beyond… and be the best

Olerud explains the nature of Netrix IT with this quote: “We say the MSP landscape changing and got ahead of it with the SOC 2 compliance. If we didn’t make this change we would be in the same bucket with every other MSP.” It’s not enough for us to just be good – we want to be above the competition and offer services/care/performance that you just cannot find anywhere else. We actually care about our clients, and we want them to be so satisfied with us, they would never think of going elsewhere.

In fact, when a customer comes to us, we map out a three-year IT roadmap, making it clear that we don’t just want to be an IT provider… we want to be your business partner. We also take great responsibility in making sure your reputation stays fantastic, because if you get hacked and your business is majorly harmed, so is ours. We’ll make sure it never happens. As a part of that, we also make sure that our services are all encompassing, updating you every month on everything from system operations to physical access controls. We’re not going to trick you later on to spend more money for additional services. That’s just not right.

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Maintaining compliance can be trickier than you think. You may think you’re on the right path, but you really need an experienced, knowledgeable trust-worthy MSP to make sure. At Netrix IT, we really focus on protecting our clients as trusted business partners. Your success is our number one priority. Contact us today to see for yourself!

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