Okay, you caught us. No, there’s nothing uniquely dangerous about spring in terms of cyber threats. That said, it’s the perfect season to shore up your cybersecurity and go into the summer with no worries about your network’s ability to ward off a cyber threat.

The market is full of opportunities for small businesses, but thanks to an increasing number of cyber threats, it’s dangerous to be a small fish in a big pond. The average cost of recovery from a cyberattack on a small business is $690,000, and 60% of the small businesses that suffer an attack close their doors within a year. The sobering fact of the matter is that small and medium-sized businesses are more likely to skimp on cybersecurity; this proves to be a huge mistake since roughly 4,000 cyberattacks hit SMBs every day.

Where Do Cyber Threats Come From?

Cyber threats can come from almost anywhere, but you may be surprised to learn that based on an IBM study, only about 5% of breaches are a result of forced entry by malicious hackers. Most are the result of misconfigured or malfunctioning systems and user error.

Because the majority of cyber threats are caused internally, any managed service provider with experience in cybersecurity will emphasize a full audit of your business security procedures. Untrained employees, failure to control access to critical systems, and improperly accessing data from an unsecured device outside the network are all leading causes of data breaches that can be controlled institutionally.

Of course, there are the external threats as well. Hackers see small and medium-sized businesses as soft targets because they deal with less data than their national and multinational counterparts, and as such are less likely to invest heavily in cybersecurity.

The good news is that IT professionals like those at Netrix are now more accessible to small businesses, and it’s becoming cost-effective to invest in cybersecurity and network services. So the watchful eyes of a professional can see threats coming from a mile away and contain them before they do any significant damage to your business.

How to Eliminate Cyber Threats

While there’s no substitute for the work of an IT professional, you can get a head start on reducing cyber threats right now. Take a look at the Netrix Cyber Crime Checklist for ideas on how to eliminate threats and prepare for a more comprehensive solution.

Some solutions seem intuitive but are often overlooked. For example, many breaches are caused by phishing attacks, triggered when an employee clicks on a link masquerading as a legitimate website. Making sure there’s some kind of verification system in place on all devices that will access company data is a good first step.

For other solutions, you may need professional assistance. Managed service providers like Netrix IT are veterans in the war against cyber crime and know all the best practices for curbing threats. Data backup and disaster recovery are great for ensuring that lost or breached data can be restored quickly. And NOC services help shore up your network against threats and identify problems before they arise. Professional security training can cut down on user error and malfunctioning technology.

Netrix’s team of IT experts makes cybersecurity a priority for all of our clients and can help your business prepare for a range of cyber threats. After we’re done, any malicious party that attempts to harm your business will realize pretty quickly that they’re wasting their time. To get the ball rolling on new security measures for your business, just leave us a message. It only takes one conversation to change the way your business handles cybersecurity.