Spring is in the air. That means the cold winter weather is beginning to thaw, and the long sunshine-filled days are making a comeback.

For homeowners, it’s the season to do a little spring cleaning – wiping down windows, dusting shelves, cleaning out the fridge, and organizing your closet. For business owners, it means re-strategizing and re-examining your business plan.

A business risk assessment is a valuable tool in helping you plug any security holes within your business and determine your strengths and weaknesses. So, while you’re cleaning up your home this spring season, why not give a little TLC to your business as well?

Making Your To-Do List with a Risk Assessment

Taking care of your business can be just as (or even more) stressful than taking care of your home. Not only do you have to make sure your employees are doing their jobs efficiently, but you must also protect against outside threats creeping their way into your territory.

Your business network, no matter how tightly protected it may be, isn’t immune to occasional breaches and security gaps.

Think of your risk assessment as a “to do” list for identifying potential problems.

By having full visibility of your organization – from what servers lack security patches to which applications are open to attack – you’ll be able to track and measure your progress.

Sweep Up Messes with Well-Defined Policies

Your business security is only as good as the policies you have in place. For example, do you and your employees know how to respond if your firewall configuration suddenly changes? What about if the data on your PC is ransomed by third-party hackers?

When it comes to creating policies, organizations have two options: creating their own or adopting existing policies.

The ISO 17799 security management standard is a great starting point, but since every organization is unique, you’ll need to create custom security policies accordingly.

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