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What IT Means to Transition

How does your IT run? Does it take care of itself, letting you focus on your growing business? Or does it give you a headache, taking up your time and leaving you worried? Leaving you wondering about how you’re going to fix it, speed it up, or make it more convenient?

In this day and age, technology should work for you, not the other way around. You shouldn’t be modifying your work process based on your existing technology. Transition your IT to work the way you want it to work! Make the transition to managed services.

Managed Services

Most companies are making the switch and trusting managed service providers (MSPs) to handle their IT needs. This doesn’t mean MSPs take over their IT department, but rather, join as collaborative partners. This approach frees up existing IT staff to focus on more strategic projects. It also lets you mentally relax and focus on your business. How great is that?

So, what exactly are these services? Firstly, they use remote monitoring and management tools to keep an eye on the overall performance of your IT infrastructure. This software is proactive, having its attention on your equipment 24/7/365, scanning for any potential danger. So, it’s always ready. That means if an issue every arises with your servers, devices, hardware or software, resolution will happen quicker than you’d be able to even worry about it.

In addition, most MPSs perform regular system maintenance. This includes cleaning temporary files and installing virus and Malware protection. A system backup and disaster recover/business continuity process is also available. And, of course, there is always a Help Desk available 24/7 if have any questions.

Will this hurt my wallet?

I’m about to tell you something that will definitely convince you to transition: managed services are extremely affordable. That’s right! Not only are managed services a great IT solution to keep your system top-notch, they won’t break the bank! This proactive maintenance, stabilization of your IT environment, and rapid service comes at a flat, monthly, subscription-based rate. Budgeting just got a whole lot simpler. Also, because of the constant monitoring, you never have to worry about surprise bills when text problems arise. For example, if the problem can be solved remotely, you don’t have to pay extra to roll out engineers and technicians.

You also don’t have to hire any additional people and worry about extra salaries this way. An IT expert can get expensive. Why? Well, they can demand a significant salary because they’d have to be proficient with desktop, server and network support. They also have to interact with both the help desk and management. And, don’t forget, humans are prone to errors, especially if this one is overworked. IT errors can get costly. Managed services, however, never take a break, and perform excellently.

Are they reliable?

The services that MSPs will provide are developed from extensive experience and knowledge, especially here at Netrix IT. They have been tested by experts and guaranteed to perform efficiently all the time.

You need this remote technology. Not only will it protect you, it will also connect your employees through features like email and video conferencing. Accessibility to remote workers is also a plus here. And, this is vital in connecting with clients across the world, helping you expand. Technology can do wonders to a business’s success.

Your IT should allow you the freedom to work whenever, wherever, and however you want. By transitioning to managed services, you are making a very, very wise choice.

At Netrix IT, we will help you leverage technology to further your strategy and accomplish any goal. We will work with you to create a custom roadmap for the exact technologies that you need. We will make the transition easy for you by guiding you every step of the way. So what’re you waiting you? Contact us today!

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